Excellence Award

2018 Excellence Award badge by United Wholesale Mortgage

Alabama Home Mortgage Loans is proud to announce we received the 2018 Excellence Award for our consistently high performance in the mortgage industry during the previous year!

The award was presented by UWM, which stands for United Wholesale Mortgage. UWM has held the top spot [nationwide] for wholesale mortgage lending overall for more than three years.[1]

Who Gets Chosen?

Each year, UWM tracks and analyzes the loan quality, efficiency, and production of mortgage companies across the country.

Before selecting each Excellence Award recipient, several key performance indicators are evaluated, including:

  • Submission to close percentage
  • Volume closed in dollars
  • Approved loan percentage
  • Average touches by underwriters
  • FICO score average
  • Loan-to-value average

How Does This Benefit You?

By encouraging local mortgage loan originators and brokers to maintain a “Diamond level” status, a metric developed by UWM that focuses on loan quality and efficiency, everybody wins!

This includes you, our valued mortgage customer!

At Alabama Home Mortgage Loans, we appreciate your support because we understand our success depends on YOUR success!


1. ^ Source: Robertson, Colin. “The Largest Nonbank Home Purchase Lender in the Nation Is a Wholesaler.” Mortgage Help Topics, The Truth About Mortgage, 11 Sept. 2018, Blog article ➚.