2018 Elite 100

2018 Elite 100 Certified Partner badge United Wholesale Mortgage

Group of 100 People

“Group of 100 people?” (It’s a clue. We’ll come back to it.)

How do you feel about “one hundred,” the 3 digit number?

On the 20th of September in 2018, the temperature in Muscle Shoals, Alabama hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit![1]

Is that good or bad?

Some people grow old and hit the big “One-Oh-Oh.”

Is that happy or sad?

According to George Burns (who died at age 100):
If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.[2]

Do you enjoy giving 100%?

Or do you see a hundred and one ways something will fail?

George Burns quote about 100 years

“I’ll take ‘Home Loans’ for 100, Alex!”

At Alabama Home Mortgage Loans, we think one hundred is a GREAT number!

Especially when we’ve been recognized as one of the top 100 performers by United Wholesale Mortgage, a nationwide lender with a network of over 7,000 participating brokerage firms… in all 50 states.[3]

What is Elite 100?

In the email notification we received from UWM, we thought they summed it up quite well.

The Elite 100 certification is awarded exclusively to the top 100 UWM accounts for outstanding performance in 2018. All of us at UWM would like to thank you for your partnership and congratulate you on an amazing year. We look forward to working with you even more in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you UWM! Alabama Home Mortgage Loans appreciates this honor and we look forward to another productive year.

Is That All?

Well, we know the dollar is divided into 100 cents.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

When someone says “a hundred” they often just mean “a lot.”

Other than that, it’s just another numeral. A numeral with “elite” status. Of which we are a “certified” member. 🙂

6 Letter Word

Remember our earlier clue? We just gave you another.

“Group of 100 people…”
“6 letter word…”

Think you know the answer? Follow these steps:

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  2. On the next page, type your answer in the “Password” field.
  3. Very Important: Your answer must be entered as all lowercase letters!
  4. Click the red “Enter” button to see if you got it right. (If you get stuck on the same page, you’re entering the wrong answer!)
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