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Madeline P. Cannon, one of our Mortgage Loan Originators at Alabama Home Mortgage Loans (AHML), appeared as a featured guest recently on Central Alabama Business Break (CABB).


How to Apply for a Home Loan

Madeline discussed the benefits of a residential home loan from AHML, including:

  • What makes AHML different from other mortgage companies
  • The various mortgage loan options we offer
  • How to apply online for a home mortgage
  • Other ways potential homeowners can benefit from a home loan from AHML

Apply for Home Loans by Central Alabama Business Break

About Central Alabama Business Break

Central Alabama Business Break publishes 2-minute, in-depth video segments to acquaint viewers in the Montgomery Metro area and central Alabama with local area businesses.

CABB is hosted by Kerry Robelotto, a Digital Sales Manager at WSFA 12 News in Alabama.

Video credit: Courtesy of Central Alabama Business Break and WSFA 12 News, external link »

How to Apply for a Mortgage - Madeline P. Cannon explains on Central Alabama Business Break
Pictured left to right: Madeline P. Cannon (AHML), Kerry Robelotto (CABB)
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Voiceover: Welcome to Central Alabama Business Break…

CABB: Good morning! Joining us today is Madeline Pendley with Alabama Home Mortgage Loans. Thank you for joining us today.

Madeline: Thank you for having me.

CABB: We do want to start by telling everyone at home – what makes you different from other lenders, banks, or credit unions?

Madeline: Sure. First of all we’re conveniently located in Wetumpka, we’re a local institution.

When you call us you’re not calling a 1-800 number, you’re not going to get an automated recording, one of us will answer the phone, and we understand time is of the essence. So we work quickly to get your transaction closed as quickly as possible.

Most importantly is we’re not a big bank so we don’t have big costs. We’re a wholesale lender, we have big savings, and we pass those on to you.

CABB: A lot of positives there certainly. So tell me a little bit about what financing options you have available.

Madeline: We offer all major mortgage financing options including the USDA, VA, FHA, and conventional loan programs.

CABB: Tell me about your different maker discounts.

Madeline: Anyone who is military, first responder, teacher, or nurse will receive a $500 lender credit towards their closing costs.

CABB: My goodness, that does make a difference certainly. What about appraisals?

Madeline: Anyone that has a minimum of 3% down who is looking to purchase a home between now and the end of the year, we will cover the cost of a conventional appraisal.

That’s an additional $500 back into their pockets that they can use towards moving expenses or new furniture for their home.

CABB: Well definitely, when you’re purchasing a new home or moving, you could certainly use any extra money so that’s an awesome benefit.

Now, can people apply online?

Madeline: Absolutely! They can I click on the “BLINK” link on our website (see link below ↓).

CABB: Awesome, well thank you so much for joining us!

Again, this is Alabama Home Mortgage Loans inviting you to go online, apply for a loan if you want to on their website, or give them a call if you have questions.

They are standing by to help you now in Wetumpka, this is Alabama Home Mortgage Loans.

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